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Spending a Weekend in Chinchilla

Spending a Weekend in Chinchilla
on 09 January 2022 in Family Fun in Chinchilla

Renowned for being watermelon central, the small town of Chinchilla has plenty of unique sights and activities to keep travellers busily entertained. 

So if you have yourself a weekend to escape, it’s time to find out how to make the most of a weekend in Chinchilla as revealed by locals. But first, some fun facts about Chinchilla.

Fun facts about Chinchilla Queensland

Watermelons are a big part of local life, with the town responsible for a quarter of Australia’s watermelon, rockmelon and honeydew melon exports. Watermelons are such an important produce to Chinchilla that the town even has a watermelon festival that matches its melon capital status. It’s a biannual festival that happens every other February, so if you’re planning a weekend to Chinchilla in February, make it a point to check out when the melon festival is taking place.

The Chinchilla Melon Festival is exactly as it sounds – a festival dedicated to the juicy red delicious summer fruit also known as the glorious watermelon. There will be watermelon costumes, clothing and accessories everywhere, there’s melon skiing, melon throwing, melon eating competitions, and free family concerts that feature live entertainment and fun.

Needless to say, a watermelon feast in Chinchilla will open your eyes and appetite to probably tasting the yummiest watermelons ever eaten.

How to spend a weekend in Chinchilla

On your first day in Chinchilla, you’ll want to make sure to cover all the main attractions that need to be visited when in Chinchilla.

First, head to the Chinchilla Visitors Information Centre to get yourself a fossicking permit to dig yourself some petrified wood. Affectionately referred to as Chinchilla Red, it’s known to be the best petrified wood in Australia among enthusiasts due to colour and quality. The petrified wood found in Chinchilla dates back to the Jurassic era, some 140 to 180 million years ago. A find will make a fantastic souvenir to bring home, and if you’re having trouble digging for one, you can always buy smaller pieces at the Chinchilla Visitors Information Centre in memory of your time here.

Learn about the town’s pioneering history at the Chinchilla Historical Museum. From exploring the authentic slab hut, old jail, old blacksmith and old dance hall to admiring the 1910 steam sawmill replica, steam engines, vintage cars and period costumes, there’s much to discover here.

Unwind your afternoon away at the Chinchilla Weir for some good old fashion fishing. You will need a fishing permit to throw in a line here, which can be bought here.

This freshwater playground is renowned for murray cod, golden perch, silver perch, and catfish. Kindly note that fishing isn’t permitted within 200 metres of the weir wall, with all other locations being fair game.

Don’t overexert yourself by trying to fit in as much as possible. Remember, to truly enjoy your time away you’ll need to embrace the moment and not fall tired from stuffing too many activities in a day. Pace yourself to enjoy yourself.

It’s time to rest, which means you’ll want to head to the Club Motor Inn for a good night’s sleep. Established in 1996, the Club Motor Inn plays a strong part of local history especially when taking into account the adjacent Club Hotel which was built in 1907 which stands from its original build.

The Club Motor Inn, which was once known as the Central Motor Inn, features the sense of historic elegance fitted with modern amenities and facilities that will make your stay comfortable. Customer service is impeccable and the friendly atmosphere with live entertainment continues to bring in both locals and travellers alike.

You can book your Chinchilla accommodation at the Club Motor Inn online here or by calling 07 4669 1100.

The following morning, it’s time to adventure some more. Breakfast wouldn’t be satisfying without a big breakfast brought to you in the comfort of your room. The Chinchilla Club Motor Inn offers a breakfast service that will energise you for a big day of activities and travel ahead. Some mouthwatering delicacies include eggs benedict, bacon and eggs, sausages and eggs, burgers, fluffy pancakes, granny’s toasted banana bread, and cereals to name a few. Coffee, tea and juice are also available for breakfast. Browse the full breakfast menu here.

Sunday means heading to the country markets at the Chinchilla Visitors Information Centre. Here, you’ll be spoiled with a choice of locally made treats and fresh local produce straight from the farm. Be sure to bring along loose change to buy treats for your journey back.

As you travel to Brisbane, stretch your legs in the township of Jondaryan which is home to the Jondaryan Woolshed, a heritage listed site. It was built in 1859 and is still operational, filled with historic buildings and machinery that explores sheep shearing tools, equipment and techniques followed by a sample of fresh damper.

The Woolshed Cafe Restaurant is open Friday to Sunday for those looking to grab some lunch on their way back to Brisbane.

Banner image credit: Chinchilla Museum