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Top Attractions in the Western Downs Region

Top Attractions in the Western Downs Region
on 20 February 2022 in Events & Entertainment in Chinchilla

Neighbouring Brisbane, the Western Downs Region offers a sensational experience allowing you to escape the busy bustling city life that can often leave you feeling tired and stressed. 

Featuring unique experiences that reveal the best of Australia, a visit to the Western Downs Region will expose you to scenic country landscapes, magnificent national parks, freshwater lakes and rivers, vibrant festivals, freshly grown produce, and so much more. 

It’s time to explore the top attractions the region has to offer.

Chinchilla Historical Museum

The Western Downs is filled with history and heritage, which brings forth a sense of cultural immersion and understanding the roots that got us to where we are today.

From museums to memorials and monuments, these establishments comprise of all the magnificent early indicators that helped concrete the beginnings of country life.

Taking you back to a time where early settlers lived in slab huts, exploring beautiful gardens and original buildings. The Chinchilla Historical Museum presents the most of historical tributes and pioneers the hardships that were endeavoured by our predecessors. You’ll also get the chance to stroll among historical villages as they once were.

The Chinchilla Historical Museum offers the best of old time experience in the Western Downs. Filled with exhibits from early history including a steam sawmill dating back to 1910 and a steam traction engine. Original villages have been erected on the grounds of the Chinchilla Historical Museum, which adds to the old world ambience. The Kathleen Emerson Memorial Library also contains an abundance of Chinchilla history just waiting to be explored.

Fossicking in Chinchilla

There’s no better thing to do in the Western Downs than find yourself a souvenir to bring home, which brings us to fossicking for the rare Chinchilla Red petrified wood.

Embrace in the fresh country air and scenery as you join fossicking enthusiasts with your very own pick, shovel and bucket for digging.

Chinchilla petrified wood dates back to the Jurassic period and is the result of conifers, ferns and cycads covered in massive amounts of mudflows and volcanic ash pressurised over millions of years.

You’ll need a fossicking licence and access fees from the Chinchilla Visitors Information Centre. And if you’re out of luck finding any petrified wood yourself, you can always buy smaller pieces at the Visitors Centre for keepsake.

The Chinchilla Weir

Located 7 kilometres South of Chinchilla, the Chinchilla Weir nestled on the Condamine River. Here, you can bask in the peacefulness of wide open spaces and big skies backed against freshwater rivers and creeks. 

It’s a slower pace of life, where exploration through the waterways and tranquil surroundings will have you finding serenity. The Condamine River is one of the region’s largest rivers spanning 500 kilometres through the Western Downs. It’s a haven for fishing and other water sports and the Chinchilla Weir bears its excellence with an abundant water supply to the town among being an exceptional picnic and recreation spot for everyone.

Where to stay in Chinchilla

If you’re looking for a place to rest and relax in Chinchilla, you’ll want to head to the Central Motor Inn in Chinchilla, which is being rebranded to the Club Motor Inn Chinchilla.

It’s conveniently located in the heart of Chinchilla, making it easy to access all of the top attractions in town and around the Western Downs region. Accommodation is flexible and comfortable, with a wide range of options to suit your needs and group size. 

With the Deck Restaurant serving up hot meals everyday, you’ll be glad to know that the menu includes succulent steaks that have forged a reputation for being the best steaks in town, classic Aussie pub fare including schnitzels, hot chips and salads. The Deck Restaurant is undoubtedly one of Chinchilla’s favourite eateries in town.

Simply call the Club Motor Inn team at 07 4669 1100 to make a booking or click here to book online.