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Hosting a Memorable Event

Hosting a Memorable Event
on 01 February 2022 in Family Fun in Chinchilla

Planning an event is no easy feat, especially if you’re looking to leave a good impression among your guests. 

To make an event memorable, your focus should be on immersiveness with an atmosphere that enables socialising and networking to take place. A good place to start is by recalling events you have been to that didn’t impress you and identify what went wrong there to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Here are some tips and tricks to hosting a memorable event that will impress guests and have them talking about it for years to come.

Host with a purpose

Every successful event has a clear purpose, which is why you’ll need to identify yours if you haven’t already. Whether it’s a fundraiser for a charitable cause, an annual corporate event for networking, or something else, you’ll need to hone down the purpose that drove your attendees to come to the event. Once you’re able to know your purpose, you will be able to plan your event with that in mind.

Plan well ahead of schedule

Rushed decisions are never beneficial, which is why you’ll want to make sure you have given yourself plenty of time to plan the event. Starting early will give you the advantage of foresight to make event decisions that are in line with your event purpose.

It also allows you to have wider flexibility on your options as venues, caterers, and guests will be made aware of your plans to save the date ahead of time.

Choose the right venue

Without the proper environment and space for your event, things can go south very quickly as guests will start to feel restricted and not able to truly enjoy the event.

Considerations should be made on what kind of space you need to host the event features for a successful event. Remember, it’s always easier to find a venue that fits your needs than trying to fit your needs into a venue.

Envisioning how your event setup will be as you explore different venues will be useful alongside having a full list of stations and a set itinerary.

If you’re looking to hire an event space in Chinchilla, there’s no better place to host than at the Club Hotel. Bearing an unmistakable character close to the heart of the community, this magnificent hotel was established in 1907 and is the only old-time hotel in Chinchilla that has not burned down. The elegance of history runs throughout its walls, with the added advantage that the Club Hotel has been renovated with modern luxuries, facilities and amenities.

Whatever the occasion, the Club Hotel has a functions package to suit, with functions able to access a data projector and screen, whiteboard, flip chart, microphone, pre-programmed music with a variety of playlists available, a TV, and the room set up to your preference.

With a dedicated Function Coordinator, an event hosted at the Club Hotel is ensured to meet your needs and vision just the way you want it. 

And the best part is, the Club Hotel offers a range of meal options, buffets and platters suitable for all kinds of functions including sit down breakfasts, morning tea, lunch, dinner, cocktail events, weddings, corporate meetings, and more.

The Function Room itself has been recently renovated, making it the perfect place to host your event. Natural light fills the space, while guests are free to roam outside, making the event an entertainer’s dream. 

Live entertainment is on every Friday from 8pm until late and all gaming facilities including a large gaming room with pokies, TAB and Keno are available to ensure your guests are well catered for. 

To hire the Function Room at the Club Hotel for an event, call the team at (07) 4669 1100.

Make space for networking

The heart of every event is socialising and networking. To succeed in hosting an event, you will need to create a space for others to network. The better your event space facilitates networking, the more memorable it will be for your guests. Whether it’s by making a new friend, furthering their careers, or having a good conversation, these social impacts amount to memorable moments that won’t be forgotten.

Bar tables without stools but with appetisers and drinks are a great way to encourage socialisation. The space has to feel spacious, with guests not feeling crowded even when up and about.

Consider having a theme

This entirely depends on the nature of your event, and can be an effective way to leave an impression in the minds of your guests. Themes are more superficial with a stronger focus on decor, atmosphere and vibe as opposed to your event’s purpose. Think themes such as ‘Tropical’ and ‘Winter Wonderland’ to name a few.